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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are your results based on actual recommendations or back-testing?
Trades listed in the Trade Log are actual alerts made on dates shown.
2. Does your trade log include all your trades or just a sample?
Our trade log includes all alerts published on our site since the date on which our service was actually launched.
3. What option strategies do you use in your trading?
We use long calls and puts as well as long strangles and straddles at times. We do not short options to initiate a position and no other complicated strategies are used.
4. Was your service launched in spring of 2004 or was it earlier and you just started tracking results in spring of 2004?
Our service was established in spring of 2004. The traders on our site have traded as a team since that time.
5. Are your trades good for the next day too?
It depends. If the price is lower the next day it could be advantageous for you to enter a position at that moment. If the price is already higher, it's better to wait for the next trade.
6. Do you know your exit point in advance?
With regard to an exit price , we have a very approximate target in most cases. The exit depends on how the trade develops. We constantly update this information on the Members page.
7. How often do you trade?
Our goal is to produce four to eight trades every month but this number can vary depending on circumstances. It depends how many potential plays will be triggered into actual trades.
8. I tried to get into a play at the price indicated but was unsuccessful. Should I use the market order next time?
In a fast moving market, it can be very difficult to get the same exact price. If you feel that you want to get into a particular trade in such conditions, it's OK to pay a little bit more, but try to avoid using market orders. Try to use limit order at asking price when you want to buy an option.
9. How can I change my user ID and/or password?
Click here, login and change your ID and/or password.
10. I tried to signup for a Free Trial but did not complete it. When I tried a second time I was not allowed to sign up for the Free Trial because my record was already created. What should I do?
Contact us via email. We will erase your entry and you will get access to the Free Trial again.