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How does it work?

Every day, some time after 10pm Eastern Time (USA) and before the opening of the market the following day, we update our "radar" table on the Members page where we post potential option plays for the next trading day and beyond.

Please read the Members page before markets open every day.

In some cases we provide a trigger point at which play would be triggered into buying calls or puts.
In other cases (when a trigger point is not given), we may post an approximate price of an option we intend to buy it for.
Plays like these do not require an email alert as all relevant information is given in advance.

In the following cases we'll send an email alert to all active members.

  • New play is made during a trading hours or after a regular update.
  • The "radar" table is updated during a trading day if a situation develops that would warrant it.
  • Or we change the target for the previously opened position.
  • It is a good idea to read the Members page just before the start of the trading day.

    The trades we make can vary from an intraday trade to a trade that lasts several days or even weeks.

    Sorry, we will not provide an explanation for why we choose this or that trade. We don't want to give our methodology away.

    Keep this in mind: Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. The risk of loss exists in all trading. You can lose all money invested in long calls or puts plus commission cost. You should only trade the funds you can afford to lose.